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FlightCog was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2014. We are a nationally recognized flight training institution located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We create courses, books, and other training materials for flight instructor applicants and initial pilot training and certification. FlightCog material is designed by a uniquely small and experienced pilot group, many of which have worked as former 121 airline pilots, and are all incredibly passionate about teaching and thwarting deficient flight instruction.

FlightCog is the first-to-market company that originally developed and continues to maintain the one-and-only industry-leading CFI Binder designed to be entirely turnkey for initial flight instructor certification. It’s the only CFI Binder that you could "download today and use to theoretically be checkride ready by tomorrow." The Complete CFI Binder Series is their flagship product. It is extremely comprehensive, and is designed to help CFI Applicants get their CFI ticket faster than ever! Imagine having a unified suite of professionally engineered, comprehensively built, CFI lesson plans that fit directly into the palm of your hand; easily accessible anytime, anywhere: that's The Complete CFI Binder. It covers every testable subject area required for the FAA CFI Practical and has been written to a comprehension level that is fundamentally easy to understand. You won’t find overly-complicated concepts or explanations that are difficult to digest, or difficult to teach. Most importantly. You do not need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand or teach the material found in their product.

FlightCog is also in the process of building out a robust suite of micro-courses that can either be purchased as a single course suite or individually. This is an extremely cost-effective way to learn very specific aviation topics, taught at a collegiate level. The courses are designed to be fully immersive, with lecture-style instruction, paired with powerful visual aids. These courses teach what exists beyond the classroom, beyond the textbook, and beyond the syllabus. These courses are developed using a "practical experience-first," approach; which is only possible by actually acquiring skill level knowledge from real-world flight ops experience.

We create iconic and impactful creative work that allows our clients' to get their pilot certificates quickly while making the entire process of flight training simple, exciting, and fun! To learn more about our mission, vision, beliefs, values, and problems we solve; please check out our about page: https://www.flightcog.io/about/.

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